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Padcaster Air

Padcaster for iPad Air now shipping

The Padcaster, a metal-and-plastic frame which enables you to add video accessories to your iPad, is now shipping in a version designed for the iPad Air. The iPad’s been enthusiastically taken up for low cost film-making by legions of film students, journalists, and academics as...

Padcaster for the iPad Air

Kickstart needed for mini Padcaster

The Padcaster company, which produces the self-titled metal-and-plastic frame into which you can slot an iPad so as to add on filming accessories, is asking for film makers’ support in its latest venture, producing a smaller version of the product for the iPad Mini. The...

Padcaster for the iPad Air

Padcaster updated for iPad Air

A new version of the Padcaster, a metal and plastic case for the iPad that provides mounting holes for video accessories, has been announced for use with the iPad Air. The latest version of Apple’s tablet is thinner than the old one and has 1080p...

Rodegrip+ as video handle

Video Review: Padcaster & Rode Grip

A review of the Padcaster and the Rode Grip+. The former is a device to provide your iPad with ways to attach video accessories; the latter is a gadget to hold your iPhone when filming or to attach it to a DSLR.


Review: The Padcaster

If someone pitched you a square metal frame as a brilliant video invention, you’d have the right to be dubious. Sceptical even. Yet that’s what the makers of the Padcaster want you to believe of their product. Measuring slightly larger than an iPad tablet, the...


Bootstrap needed for Padcaster

The creators of the Padcaster, a metal iPad frame that enables you to attach various bits of video production kit so as to rig up the iPad for better shooting, are pleading to fans to help them launch a mini version of the device. A...