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K-Tek ProShot featured image

Strike a pose – with a camera support

Documentary and news videographers, especially those working solo, might find this camera support from K-Tek to be of interest. The ProShot is a weighted single-pole support with handles which means it’s able to be configured into four positions: monopod, shoulder rig, low level high-hat, and stabiliser....

GoPro 3 Way mount held by snowboarder

*Another* mount for a GoPro?!

GoPro just can’t get enough of ways to hold on to their diminutive action cam. Now they’ve launched the “3-way”, not quite as saucy as it sounds, but a combination of handle, extension mound and mini tripod. GoPro say the mount is a maximum of...

Manfrotto MVH500AH tripod head release plate

Award for Manfrotto tripod head

Manfrotto’s “500” video tripod head (model number MVH500AH) has been awarded “European Photo-Video Accessory 2013-2014” at the European Imaging and Sound Association Awards in the Video category. It’s the second award this year for the product; it also took Videomaker’s “Best Support of NAB” in...

Hahnel Compact Triad C4 tripod folded

Review: Hahnel Triad Compact C4 Tripod

Hahnel’s Triad Compact C4 is a travel tripod that folds down to just 31cm long via five extensible legs which screw-lock into place. It’s certainly lightweight at 1.2kg and supports loads of up to 3kg. Billed as suitable for compact cameras, DSLRs and camcorders, it...

Hahnel C4 Triad

Video Review: Hahnel C4 Compact tripod

A look at Hahnel’s Triad Compact C4 travel tripod which folds up from being 31cm long to provide a 135cm working height. Made of aluminium it weighs 1.2kg and has a maximum load of 3kg. It’s aimed at DSLR and occasional camcorder users.

Hahnel Triad Compact C4 legs wide

Hähnel release ultra-compact low cost tripod

Irish accessory maker Hähnel has unveiled a new, highly collapsable five-stage tripod that could be ideal for the far-flung adventurer. The Triad Compact C4 is made from aluminium and extends from just 31cm long when fully folded, to 135cm at full stretch. Interestingly, the centre column...