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What we do
We aim to provide interesting and informative articles, news, reviews and features about all aspects of filming for the Internet.

Our editorial stance is never to publish a press release verbatim; they’re nearly always full of absurd hyperbole*. We prefer to read through the bumph with gritted teeth, establish what the actual story is – if indeed there is one at all – and write our own version in normal everyday English.

*All press releases welcomed, nonetheless. Speaking of which…

Contributions and Press Releases
We’re delighted to hear from anyone who’d like to contribute an article to Tubeshooter or send us news of their exciting new audio-visual product or service; please get in touch via the Contact page. We cannot promise that contributions will be used and please note that all articles will all be sub-edited to our house style. We have no budget to pay you either; sorry.

Review products
We are happy – nay, ecstatic – to receive products for review. Please do send them in but be aware that we insist on retaining independent editorial control of the published article and we take no responsibility for the safe receipt, handling or return of said products.

We’re even happier to display your (video or audio-related) advert here than we are to receive review gear. Our audience is very, very targeted – they’re people who love video cameras, filming and editing for the web. Click here to contact us.

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David Johns
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