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Canon EOS 7D

Which camcorder for stage show?

First of all, yes, the HF-G25 is essentially the same as an XA10 minus the XLR audio inputs (not a problem if another camera will take the stage audio feed…

Canon Legria HF-G25

What shutter speed for filming rugby?

Answer: Despite what some may suggest, video should really always be shot at 1/50th shutter (1/60th in NTSC countries) because that gives you just the right amount of motion blur…

Sony CX900 from side

Which of 3 cameras is best?

Answer: It’s not easy to give a straightforward answer to which is “best” but perhaps we can provide some pointers. First of all, none of them are bad camcorders! They…

Edius 7 render dialogue

What format for web video?

Answer:  You have indeed got things slightly confused, if you don’t mind us saying. So let’s just recap interlacing and progressive:- Interlacing is a way of dealing with video images…

Wedding image (courtesy

Filming weddings & stage shows

Answer: In weddings and stage shows, you’ve picked the two most technically challenging situations that a video camera can ever face. With extreme contrasts of dark and light – not…