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Canon XA20

Camcorder choice: beware red herrings

The endless dilemma. We received a question recently along these lines: “Our company wants to start a YouTube channel and has a a budget of £800. Which camcorder should we buy for this sort of money? We want to make the best quality video!” Now...

Roland VR50HD

Making the switch to live webcasting

Live broadcasting over the Internet has enjoyed something of an explosion recently. When it was first tried over a decade ago, the bandwidth wasn’t there, the viewers weren’t really there and the equipment required was complex not to mention the planning and infrastructure that was...

Finding web video’s pot of gold

Finding web video’s pot of gold

It is surely the golden dream of many a video producer; not only to spend time making videos but then to get paid for it as well. The traditional route – get a job in media and accept a salary cheque – is both hard...