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Our ‘top picks’ from various categories of video kit

Sony PXW-X70

Best entry-level pro camcorder

In August last year, we wrote a guide to the best low-cost camcorder that could reasonably be classed as “professional”, notwithstanding that these days professionals do in fact shoot their…

Panasonic AG-AC90 - front

Best entry-level pro camcorder

*** Please note: this article has now been superseded by a later edition in October 2014 . Click here to see that newer article or read on for historical interest…

Panasonic x920

Best bargain consumer camcorder

After some dismal years when enthusiastic videographers were denied camcorders with manual controls and a range of abilities unless they shelled out for low-end professional gear, the top end of…

Audio Technica ATR3350

Best bargain tie-clip mic

In a world of poor audio on far too many Internet videos, the Audio Technica ATR3350 lapel microphone proves that there is simply no excuse. An absolute bargain at around…