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The movers and shakers in the Internet video world

David Thorpe with camera

Producer Profile: David Thorpe

YouTube, as everybody knows, is the province of the young. It’s the home of the under-25s – probably the teenagers really – where the superstars of this new media go by the names of “Zoella” and “Thatcher Joe”. Wrong. 71-year-old David Thorpe from London is...

Rycote 3D-Tex material

A Tour around Rycote

UK windshield manufacturer Rycote were kind enough to invite us around for a tour, so of course we took a video camera and snapped a few shots including an interview with Managing Director Simon Davies. We asked him about how they make their Softies and...

Rob Wilson with camcorder

Producer Profile: Rob Wilson

Rob Wilson is a clear example of the notion that you don’t need bucket-loads of expensive equipment to start and run a successful online video channel. In fact, he uses just a very cheap point-and-shoot camcorder and a lightbox for his stream of videos about...

Oxford Academic Simon Clark

Producer Profile: Simon Clark

Browse through many of the most popular YouTube channels and you’d be forgiven for thinking you’d accidentally stumbled through the┬ácontestants for some truly awful “reality” TV show; banal drivel at its worst with an audience whose IQ is presumably in less than triple digits. There...

Dave Cryer in his studio

Producer Profile: Dave Cryer

If there was an award for longevity and doggedness in the YouTube Creator space then surely Dave Cryer would in with a strong chance. Under the channel name “Geekanoids”, the 43-year-old’s been turning out gadget reviews from his base in Folkestone, Kent virtually since the...

Julian Ilett in garden with solar panels

Producer Profile: Julian Ilett

On the face of it, Julian Ilett’s channel shouldn’t work. He has no real video camera or DSLR to shoot with, doesn’t use any editing software, hardly appears on screen – his hands feature most often – and is, how can we say this gently,...