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Sony PXW-X70

Best entry-level pro camcorder

In August last year, we wrote a guide to the best low-cost camcorder that could reasonably be classed as “professional”, notwithstanding that these days professionals do in fact shoot their…

Canon EOS 7D

Which camcorder for stage show?

First of all, yes, the HF-G25 is essentially the same as an XA10 minus the XLR audio inputs (not a problem if another camera will take the stage audio feed…

Canon Legria HF-G25

What shutter speed for filming rugby?

Answer: Despite what some may suggest, video should really always be shot at 1/50th shutter (1/60th in NTSC countries) because that gives you just the right amount of motion blur…

Sony CX900 from side

Which of 3 cameras is best?

Answer: It’s not easy to give a straightforward answer to which is “best” but perhaps we can provide some pointers. First of all, none of them are bad camcorders! They…

Edius 7 render dialogue

What format for web video?

Answer:  You have indeed got things slightly confused, if you don’t mind us saying. So let’s just recap interlacing and progressive:- Interlacing is a way of dealing with video images…