A quick video showing how I configured a four-camera (including one wireless camera) setup for live streaming from the side of a canal. There were some technical glitches, (mostly audio) but it basically worked, sort of.

It’ll be better next time because a) I’ll ensure the Wireless Go doesn’t overload the camcorder input (which spoiled the first live; turns out it’s ever so easy to prod the button on the receiver which changes the output gain) and b) I’ll know to use the mixer output for monitoring so I can actually hear what’s going on!

Kit list:
Sony AX53 camcorder: https://geni.us/Airscape_SonyAX53
Sony NX80 camcorder: https://geni.us/UKA_SonyNX80
Accsoon wireless Tx/Rx: https://geni.us/UKA_Accsoon
Rode Wireless Go II radiomics: https://geni.us/UKA_Rodewirelessgo2
Rode NTG4+ shotgun mic: https://geni.us/UKA_RodeNTG4
Rode Blimp windjammer: https://geni.us/UKA_RodeBlimp
AVMatrix HDMI mixer: https://geni.us/UKA_AVMatrix0402U
Macbook M1 Air: https://geni.us/UKA_MacbookM1Air
Zyxel 3302 router: https://geni.us/CtC_Zyxel4GRouter
Poynting 4G antenna: https://geni.us/CtC_PoyntingXPOL1
Gazebo: https://geni.us/UKA_Gazebo

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