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SmallHD "502" 5 inch monitor on flexible arm

SmallHD live up to their name with 5″ device

SmallHD have announced a tiny new on-camera monitor to be launched at NAB 2015. The 5″ device, which looks unnervingly as if someone took a smartphone and removed all the phone, boasts a whacking Full HD display of 1920 x 1080 pixels, giving it a DPI...

Livestream Broadcaster Mini

Tiny live streaming dongle launched

A gadget  that plugs into an HDMI socket and enables live webcasting of that signal has been unveiled by Livestream.com The Livestream Broadcaster Mini is a smaller version of their existing product but works solely over WiFi. Controlled by mobile phone, it’s battery powered and...

Aputure VS-2 monitor

Unboxing: Aputure VS-2 monitor kit

We’re currently taking a good look at this neat low-cost monitor kit from Aputure which sits between their VS-1 and VS-3 variants but in the meantime while our review is underway, here’s our unboxing and first look.

Happy people using Panasonic's GH-4

New firmware for Panasonic GH4

The Panasonic GH4 quickly became a smash hit with video-makers and now there’s a tweak to its internal firmware to give you “enhanced controllability and performance”. Heady stuff. Specifically, the HDMI output’s been updated so that timecode and a recording control – as defined by...

SmallHD HDMI lock for Canon 5DMk3

Lock up your HDMI

HDMI connectors are pretty much ubiquitous on consumer – and even some professional – camera and camcorder gear but they’re really a bit crap due to their inability to lock into place. Contrast with decent connector formats such as BNC (for HD-SDI) or even XLR (for audio)...

HDMI cable

Atomos attempt to redefine HDMI

Video recorder manufacturer Atomos has grandly and boldly announced that it intends to redefine the HDMI interface “for the professional video industry”. In essence they’re saying that despite SDI being the “pro” standard for digital video interchange due to it having pro-quality features (not least of which...