Tiny live streaming dongle launched

A gadget  that plugs into an HDMI socket and enables live webcasting of that signal has been unveiled by Livestream.com

Livestream Broadcaster Mini

Livestream Broadcaster Mini

The Livestream Broadcaster Mini is a smaller version of their existing product but works solely over WiFi.

Controlled by mobile phone, it’s battery powered and spits out a 4mbit H.264/AAC-encoded signal to the Livestream servers at up to 1080p.

It’s also possible to use feeds from several Livestream Minis as the sources for Livestream’s Studio system, a sort of TV gallery, either to switch between them or provide several different simultaneous streams.

Livestream broadcaster mini specs

Livestream broadcaster mini specs

The gadget costs $295 USD and essentially turns any camera or camcorder into a webcasting device. We like it!

More info at the Livestream blog.

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