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Sony PXW-Z90

Three new 4K Sony handheld camcorders

Bam! In your face, Canon! Mere hours after the XF400/405 was launched (see our news item here), Sony have hit back with not one, not two but THREE of their own. But if you look at the specs, it could be that Canon’s got the...

Canon XF405 side view

Compact 4K camcorder from Canon

It’s been so long since Canon updated its compact camcorder lineup that someone in the marketing department would appear to have forgotten their own naming convention. The new XF400 and XF405 are, quite clearly, nothing more than the newer sibling of the XA lineup, the...

Sony RX10 IV

Updated compact cam from Sony

Sony has announced version 4 of its RX10 fixed-lens stills and video camera. The new model boasts a claimed “world’s fastest” autofocus and has a Zeiss 24-600mm (35mm equivalent) lens which ramps from f2.4 at the wide end to f4 as you zoom. There’s optical...