GoStream Deck (KIT version): review

After the success of their HDMI switcher, the GoStream Deck, manufacturer Osee are now offering it in a kit form. This encases the switcher into a solid plastic case with a decent-sized monitor in the lid, and a fan for cooling. It makes for a much more portable system for event streaming. They kindly loaned me a unit for test and review.

00:00 Video Starts
00:05 Disclaimer
00:15 Recap of the GoStream Deck
00:43 NDI firmware add-on
02:37 New firmware (v2.0.0 released)
04:13 Streaming bitrates clarification
05:58 New ‘kit’ version demo’d and reviewed

See my review of the GoStream Deck itself by clicking here

Like it? Buy the KIT version as demo’d here (Amazon.com only) at https://geni.us/TS_GoStrKIT

Or just buy the switcher (Amazon.com only) at https://geni.us/TS_GoStreamDeck

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