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Rycote 3D-Tex material

A Tour around Rycote

UK windshield manufacturer Rycote were kind enough to invite us around for a tour, so of course we took a video camera and snapped a few shots including an interview with Managing Director Simon Davies. We asked him about how they make their Softies and...

Sony NX3 camcorder from the front

How to film an interview in 22 easy steps!

The interview is one of the most used elements in video, from TV news to documentaries. It ought to be straightforward to film – but dig down and there’s a lot to think about. We hope this step-by-step guide might come in handy. For simplicity’s sake,...

How To… conduct an interview

How To… conduct an interview

It might sound easy; just jabber away with some questions and let the interviewee talk but in fact there’s a bit of a knack to a decent filmed interview. Unfortunately, it’s a knack that far too many people producing video for the Internet just don’t...