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Canon EOS 7D

Which camcorder for stage show?

First of all, yes, the HF-G25 is essentially the same as an XA10 minus the XLR audio inputs (not a problem if another camera will take the stage audio feed – ideally not the DSLR as they have awful audio circuitry and no balanced inputs)...

Sony CX900 from side

Which of 3 cameras is best?

Answer: It’s not easy to give a straightforward answer to which is “best” but perhaps we can provide some pointers. First of all, none of them are bad camcorders! They all provide excellent pictures, can do decent sound and have a mix of auto and...

Wedding image (courtesy www.freeimages.co.uk)

Filming weddings & stage shows

Answer: In weddings and stage shows, you’ve picked the two most technically challenging situations that a video camera can ever face. With extreme contrasts of dark and light – not to mention often wildly varying colour balance for the stage shows – these are very...

Panasonic x920

Video Review: Panasonic x920

We review and test the Panasonic HC-X920 AVCHD camcorder. the company’s flagship consumer camcorder for 2013 and 2014.

Panasonic x920

Review: Panasonic x920 camcorder

For several years, Panasonic has brought out a range of highly-regarded consumer camcorders with a degree of manual control – most notably a physical focus ring on the lens – with each successive generation incrementing the features and capabilities from the last. Their current leader...

Panasonic x920

Canon HF-G25 or Panasonic x920?

Answer: For starters, whilst the HF-G30 has features more on a par with the Panasonic, it is substantially more expensive, so on pure price terms you’d have to compare the HF-G25 with the x920. Then, in terms of “bang for the buck”, the x920 vastly...

Panasonic x920

Best bargain consumer camcorder

After some dismal years when enthusiastic videographers were denied camcorders with manual controls and a range of abilities unless they shelled out for low-end professional gear, the top end of the consumer camcorder market has of late been reborn, thanks in part to YouTube and...