Adobe Unveils “Creative Cloud” future

Adobe Inc has announced a dramatic revision to the way it sells its products. From June this year, all their software including popular video editing suite Premiere as well as After Effects and other programs, will be available only as what the company is terming “Creative Cloud” applications.

In effect, it means that users, whether individuals or companies, will now be required to pay a monthly fee to access the software instead of purchasing it outright. The fees range from £17.58 ($19.99 USD) a month for individual use of a single application to £46.88 ($49.99 USD) a month for the complete suite, again for one user.

In addition, the programs will now be substantially more Internet-oriented with the ability to share projects and files onto devices anywhere in the world, enabling collaboration between users as well as feedback and contributions from other Cloud members.

Updates will automatically be made available instead of users paying to buy specific updates. Project settings, fonts and other similar data will also be stored on Adobe’s servers on the Internet.

As part of the announcement, new versions of the company’s software are also being released with a variety of new features.

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