New firmware for Drift HD Ghost actioncam

Drift Innovation has a firmware update, version, for the HD Ghost. A highlight, they say, is a new mode for continuous looped recording for insurance and security purposes. For example, in-car use in case of crashes, road rage incidents and so on.

In this “Car DVR” mode, the camera continuously records a series of “chunks” of video, deleting the oldest chunks once the MicroSD memory card is full and replacing them with new ones. The length of those chunks can be set to 1, 3, 10 or 15 minutes.

With Car DVR mode selected, the camera will switch on automatically and start recording as soon as power is supplied via USB (eg when the car’s engine is started)

Other new features include a camera β€˜on’ beep and the addition of a ten minute interval to video tagging. Various user interface updates and bug fixes have also been made.

There’s full info at the Drift HD website.

Drift HD Ghost
Drift HD Ghost

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