YouTube launches “creator academy”

YouTube is tweeting to promote a forthcoming online series of tutorials, activities and assessments which, it says, will help video producers boost their channel’s profile and subscriber numbers.

The idea is that over the course of a fortnight (June 3 to 16th, 2013), six lessons will be put up online alongside Google groups and Google+ “Hangouts” with YouTube professionals. Registrants for the course will be expected to complete and upload their assignments with a commitment of about four to six hours work each week.

Those managing to complete all activities and gain a mark of at least 75% on two of the assessments will be issued with a Letter of Completion – though what this actually bestows in practical terms is unclear.

Only YouTube Creators with at least ten uploaded or curated videos will be permitted to sign up as the course requires students to apply the lessons to their channel.

Registration is open now and there’s more information at

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