Red Giant software announces “Bulletproof” beta

If you’re working on big projects where there’s lots of shots and lots of memory cards full of data – or if you’re just the kind of videomaker who’s a touch OCD and wants everything organised to the nth degree – then perhaps Red Giant’s forthcoming “BulletProof” software could be for you.

Designed to organise video clips prior to them being brought into an edit suite, BulletProof is arranged into five main sections which, roughly speaking, are: ingest files and backup; organise into folders and playlists; review footage and mark good / bad clips; basic colour correction; and export to master copies and proxies.

The idea is to provide a dedicated, more efficient, application for the process of pre-editing where having loads of video would otherwise make this unwieldy if it was performed in the edit software itself.

Red Giant Software: "BulletProof" screenshot
Red Giant Software: “BulletProof” screenshot

Mac editors seem to have a long-standing love of transcoding from processor-intensive formats such as H.264 to their preferred Apple ProRes, and BulletProof acknowledges this with export to various ProRes flavours as well as PhotoJPEG and MPEG4 /AVC. The list of supported cameras is also clearly aimed at Red Giant’s traditional low-budget moviemaker market, hence assorted Canon and Nikon DSLRs are on the approved list, along with the GoPro.

At the moment, BulletProof is available for Mac only and as a free beta-test, though a Windows version is in the pipeline. Red Giant hope to release the software in the summer with a price of $199 US Dollars.

There’s lots more info on the Red Giant website, at

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