YouTube showcases “Next Vloggers of 2013”

“Vlogging” is a quite horrible term but wretchedly, it’s caught on and we are stuck with it. Thankfully, the people who vlog in YouTube’s latest showcase are anything but wretched, indeed many of them have come back from the depths of wretchedness to a happier place all because of online video sharing, so they say.

A month ago, YouTube asked for submissions to its Next Vloggers of 2013 with the query “Do you have inspiring personal stories of triumph, big or small, to share with the world through your channel?”. Many responded and fifteen have been chosen to win a Google+ Hangout workshop series from industry experts and YouTube staff, $4,000 US Dollars worth of equipment, and the opportunity to collaborate with other creators around the world.

Well done to all the winners and commiserations to the other entrants. You can read all about it here:

YouTube Next Vloggers
YouTube Next Vloggers

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