Ker…ching! Video ad companies join forces

In an attempt to prevent the advertising industry from losing clients – and therefore cash – because of myriad alternate standards, a consortium of companies has teamed up to propose a single methos for measuring how well video adverts are performing.

Open VideoView (“OpenVV”) aims to record what portion of a video ad is being viewed and for how long. The consortium says it’s been tested across hundreds of millions of ad impressions and thousands of video websites. Whilst it’s in development, the OpenVV partners will be sharing data to help to refine the technology.

The Flash and JavaScript code is being released with the least stringent open source license available meaning anyone can copy, edit or use it. The code is available on GitHub for industry review and a demonstration can be seen at

OpenVV claims not to require any changes on a publisher’s site, is not tied to any ad marketplace, and works with the major browsers. The developer also says it will detect if the browser playing the ad is the ‘active’ window on the viewer’s screen, and can link to other measurement services to ensure all bases are covered.

The consortium is hoping that a single standard will mean more consistent metrics across video channels and therefore a more unified front to present to advertisers. Ker…ching!

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