Super software for JVC pro camcorders

JVC has added a shedload of functionality to its recently-launched videojournalist cameras, the GY-HM600 and 650.

For the lesser model, the 600, the tweaks include two new AVCHD modes and enhancements to standard-def recording; expanded focus to make setting up shots easier – slightly incredulous that the camera didn’t have that already; one-push access to menu favourites; improvements to exposure settings; and more languages for the camcorder menus.

It’s on the top-spec 650 that the upgrade gets really interesting though. It has all of the 600’s improvements plus background FTP so you can keep filming while the camera is sending; clip trimming so you can create shorter snippets to send back over FTP; live streaming – while recording – in various HD and SD flavours; dual format HD recording; and a new web-oriented proxy file format.


If only it wasn’t for the horridly bulky audio box which mounts the LCD screen such that you can’t see if from right hand side of the camera, this would truly be the ideal videojournalist camcorder. Some may balk at its “mere” 35Mbps MPEG-2 codec or the AVCHD alternative, but the former is entirely acccepted for news broadcast by the EBU, no need for the fabled 50Mbps/4:2:2 here.

And, if we may be so bold as to suggest, Canon should take note of the dual-codec and FTP functionality offered by the JVC which shows how it should be done rather than the frustratingly limited offering on the forthcoming HF G30 / XA20 / XA25…

The GY-HM600 upgrade can be downloaded here:

And the GY-HM650 upgrade is online at:

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