Billions of video views watched in May

A frankly astonishing 41 billion views of online video were watched in the USA during May 2013, according to measurement company ComScore. Almost 16 billion video ads were also served up.

YouTube was the biggest driver, contributing to 154 million unique viewers across Google’s various sites, with Facebook doing less than half as well with a mere 60 million viewers. In total, 182 million unique viewers were recorded.

Of the advertisers, BrightRoll took the top spot by serving 2.6 billion ad impressions, followed closely by Google’s portfolio with 2.5 billion. ComScore reckons more than half of the US population was reached by BrightRoll’s ads alone.

Delving into YouTube’s data shows that music channel Vivo took the top spot for viewers, grabbing just over 50 million in the month. ComScore says 85% of the US internet audience watched ‘some’ video on the Internet during May.

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