Avid Media Composer 7 is unleashed

For video editors with money to burn, the latest version of industry stalwart “Avid Media Composer” is now available to buy, having been announced earlier this year.

A favourite of TV and film editors for – well, it seems like eternity, Media Composer is still the de facto choice for many situations due to its long legacy and entrenched user base. Whether it’s still the best tool for the job is an entirely different matter and up to the user to decide…

New features include a range of options for importing higher-than-HD-resolution clips and deciding which part of the image you want on your HD timeline; automated media management (background transcoding, copying and consolidating – at last); and greater audio mastering capabilities with a single “master fader” to which effects can be added to change the entire edit’s sound. Gee, welcome to the 20th century, Avid!

Avid Media Composer 7
Avid Media Composer 7

Avid’s boasting about a “new lower price” but it’s still $999 USD and that’s before you even think about adding Symphony, the extension that gives you essentials such as advanced colour grading and effects.

If the sound of Media Composer floats your boat, take a look at www.avid.com

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