Editors Keys launch smaller vocal booth

Recording accessories company Editors Keys has launched a low cost, ultra-portable version of their vocal booth. The semicircular metal-and-foam shield is designed to cut down on sound wave reflections – echoes and reverberation – when recording audio, thereby giving a cleaner more neutral sound for podcasts, voiceovers and the like.

The company’s had several models on offer before but this one is smaller and cheaper (on offer at £59 GBP at the time of writing), folding down to 20cm wide for portability.

All sorts of companies make these reflection filter devices now but if you’re unsure which to buy, Editors Keys claim to offer a full money-back promise if you’re not satisfied so at least you can try it and decide.

More info at http://www.editorskeys.com/products/recording-equipment/vocal-booth-flex-edition/

Editors Keys Flex Vocal Booth
Editors Keys Flex Vocal Booth

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