Dailymotion launches video editing app

Video-sharing website Dailymotion, which claims to be “the world’s second largest video portal”, has released a new video editing app for Apple devices, designed to encourage more people to shoot and share videos rather than just watch them.

“Dailymotion Camera” enables people to tweak the way their videos look then publish to Dailymotion itself, as well as Facebook and Twitter. The app provides:-

  • Non-linear editing including combining footage from multiple cameras
  • Colour and brightness adjustment, 20 filter effects, and stability enhancement to counteract wobbly, handheld shots.
  • Simple and Advanced modes for more confident users
  • Shooting in widescreen HD or square, with no time limits on video uploads
Dailymotion Camera - Filters
Dailymotion Camera – Filters

The app is available for free download at https://itunes.apple.com/app/dailymotion-camera-filmer/id671857483. We’ll post our review of it here soon.

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