Update for Sony Vegas Pro

Sony Creative Software has released another interim update for its professional video editing program, the oddly-named Vegas Pro.

Version 12.build 670 has an extensive list of bug fixes as well as a handful of new features.

The software now has a tickbox function to optimise playback of the timeline using more GPU functionality, if your GPU supports it, though many users have found GPU acceleration in Vegas to be patchy at best. The company claims improvements to GPU performance using both AMD and Intel chips. There’s also a handy new right-click menu in the “Titles & Text” plugin.

Sony Vegas Pro 12 editing screen
Sony Vegas Pro 12 editing screen

Bug fixes include a long-awaited update to the “Colour Match” plugin that should stop project files growing wildly huge each time the effect is used, as well as a much-demanded fix to the MPEG-2 rendering that caused a weird colour shift to take place.

The update’s free for registered users, and full details are at http://dspcdn.sonycreativesoftware.com/releasenotes/vegaspro12.0.670_readme_enu.htm

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