Low cost entry to PC video editing

New video makers looking for a low-cost entry into the world of editing could do worse than try out VideoMeld, a new release of which has just been uploaded by its author.

The compact software download which is free to try and costs just $69 USD for a lifetime of updates has been created by Goldwave Inc, a Canadian company which developed the audio editor that gave the company its name (older readers may be disturbed to realise that Goldwave was first released twenty years ago!)

If VideoMeld has anything like the solidity of Goldwave then it’s destined for a fine future, as the audio editor is an excellent tool (and Tubeshooter’s preferred software for destructive stereo sound editing).

Features of VideoMeld include:-

  • HD video up to 1920×1080, saved as MPEG 4 H.264
  • 8 channel audio in 7.1 surround sound
  • Over 50 video effects, transitions, and compositing functions
  • 7 audio effects including Noise Reduction, Compressor/Expander, Equalizer, and Pitch
  • Dynamic effect settings for all audio and video effects
  • Scrolling captions for credits or tickers
  • Screencasting records video directly from the computer screen

VideoMeld runs on Windows 7 or 8 PCs and is available at http://www.goldwave.com/vmindex.php

There’ll be a full review on Tubeshooter very soon.

VideoMeld main screen
VideoMeld main screen

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