Boost for pro camcorder sales

The death of the camcorder could be far from nigh, according to new research.

A decline in sales over the last couple of years, coupled with the instant access, ease of use and “decent enough” quality from smartphones had led some commentators to suggest that camcorders are now redundant. Futuresource Consulting begs to differ, at least with respect to some parts of the world.

In fact, the global pro camcorder market went up by 14% in volume in the second quarter of this year, recovering from a slump after its peak in 2011.

The research company says pro camcorders are much less specialised than they used to be and can perform much better than in years gone by, both in image quality and functionality. They do face competition though from DSLRs despite the stills cameras’ substantial ergonomic disadvantages

The bad news for manufacturers is that average sales prices are dropping. Globally though, China is now the world’s biggest market for pro camcorders

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