Software offers to boost your viewing figures

As if understanding the bewildering cloud of statistics that YouTube offers wasn’t enough, now there’s a tool to give you even more data munching – albeit presented in a pretty set of graphs.

Those clever folk at VidIQ have updated their software to now provide features including:

  • A YouTube engagement graph, or in other words, a way of seeing how viewers on your channel are interacting with your content via Twitter and Facebook.
  • There’s an intriguing Best Time Of Day suggester that will attempt to improve your video views by proposing the – you guessed it – best time of the day to post a new video.
  • A list that correlates the search terms people used to find your videos against the amount of each video they watched
  • And a demographic breakdown – gender, age, location and suchlike – of your viewers.

The software’s free for a single channel with some limitations and VidIQ merely quote an ominous “Contact Us” for the more complete offering. But if you’re a serious YouTuber (we hate that word, sound like a potato insult) then it could work for you.

The VidIQ website is full of the traditional pompous corporate verbiage including phrases such as “relational YouTube search trends”, “enterprise audience development” and “team-based collaborative workflow”. However, the company was founded by ex-employees of Viddler (a video sharing website) and backed by heavyweights such as Mark Cuban, who made billions in the early days of Internet radio, so they probably know what they’re doing.

We’d have put their logo up but their media press kit failed to include one. You can check them out at

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