YouTube Channels hit the Bigger-than-Big Time

Just in case you were wondering how big it was actually possible to become via a YouTube channel, take heart from these two examples this week.

First of all, user PewDiePie (what?), who describes himself as “just a guy from Sweden who likes to laugh and make other people laugh. Sharing gaming moments on YouTube with my bros!” has managed to become the most subscribed channel on the whole of YouTube. He’s got – wait for it – almost 12 million fans signed up to receive his every instalment.

Meanwhile, YouTube is happily blogging the announcement that makeup video pioneer Michelle Phan has launched her own line of cosmetics, 250 products in all. She’s been turning out videos (266 in all) for six years and has a not-at-all-shabby 4.6 million subscribers herself. If you’d like to inspect her new brand, it’s online at

And – in case you’re wondering – Psy’s “Gangnam Style” has notched up 1.7 BILLION views too.

For anyone in the more lowly divisions of a few hundred, or even a handful, of subscribers these stellar performances may seem incredible. That’s because they are and it doesn’t mean you’re going to make it too. But hey, it’s OK to dream, right?

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