European Award for JVC Camcorder

JVC’s unusual GC-PX100 camcorder has claimed a top award from the European Imaging and Sound Association.

The gadget – which appears to be the lovechild of a DSLR stills camera and a video camcorder – offers an exceptionally fast f1.2 lens, fast-frame shooting up to 500fps and built-in WiFi for remote tablet / smartphone control as well as file sharing. It can record to .mp4, .mov, iFrame and AVCHD formats (all using the AVC / H.264 codec)

JVC gc-px100
JVC gc-px100

Even more unusually, it records at up to 40Mbps in Full HD, 50p (.mov; 36Mbps in .mp4). Resolution is substantially lowered in the high frame rate modes though – just 320 x 176 at 400fps or greater for example.

Other, more conventional, features include an optical image stabiliser, 10x optical zoom and a 3″ LCD screen. It’s got a 1/2.3 inch back-illuminated CMOS sensor which is pretty decent

JVC pitches it less as a consumer camcorder and more of a sports tool, using its slow-mo feature to capture performances in detail for later analysis for example.

At around just £800, it’s an extraordinary device albeit for specialist uses. For innovation alone, it surely deserves its award. Well done, JVC!

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