Bootstrap needed for Padcaster

The creators of the Padcaster, a metal iPad frame that enables you to attach various bits of video production kit so as to rig up the iPad for better shooting, are pleading to fans to help them launch a mini version of the device.


A crowdfunding campaign has begun on Kickstarter hoping to raise $30,000 USD to create the smaller frame which will suit – you guessed it – the iPad mini.

You can visit the campaign page at

Development is already underway but the Padcaster team want to speed up the production of a prototype and initial production. Then they’re crossing fingers that the extra cash will help them to maintain production of the regular Padcaster, which will be updated as part of the campaign.

As usual, backers receive perks for their cash. In the Padcaster Mini’s case, that’s discounts on the purchase price as well as both the Original Padcaster, the updated version, and the Padcaster Mini for for a donation of $229 or more.

Anyone chipping in $129 or more gets an original Padcaster plus an “I Kickstarted the Padcaster” T-shirt; and there’s a Padcaster Mini for the first 200 people donating $99 or more.

The Padcaser is essentially an aluminium frame with a plastic insert that holds the iPad. It’s lined with threaded holes along the edges so you can screw in filming accessories via the standard size threads. It also has a 1/4-20 thread and locking pin on the bottom for tripod mounting. Extra lenses can be attached via a separate device christened “Lenscaster”.

The frame can also be used to mount DSLRs to the same effect ie adding filming accessories.

The full funding needs to be in place by end of play on October 11th in order for the company to get its cash.

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