New version of GoPro Hero

Never ones to stand on their laurels, the lads and lasses at GoPro have updated their latest model to become the Hero3+ (that’s Hero3 with a plus on it so it must be good).

GoPro say it’s 20% smaller and lighter than the prior edition and is waterproof to 40 metres (131 feet), which is quite impressive.

And the tweaks just keep on coming: image sharpness is claimed to be increased by 33%, the battery lasts up to a third longer too, so they say, and distortion is reduced. An auto low light mode will “intelligently” (uh huh) adjust the frame rate to help in dark conditions which may or may not be a help depending on your preference. And the built in WiFi is faster (used to control the GoPro via an app on a smartphone or tablet). Audio is said to be improved and you can now perform software updates over the WiFi as well.

GoPro HERO3+
GoPro HERO3+

New mounts and accessories are also being touted including a head strap – “unavailable” on their own website – a junior chest harness, a flexible elongated clamp, a suction cup, and a quick release tripod mount.

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