New lens attachments for iPhones and Galaxy

Schneider Optics has expanded its “iPro” lens collection for smartphones by releasing versions for anyone using the iPhone 4/4S, 5, 5S, iPad Mini, and Samsung Galaxy S4.

The line up comprises screw-on macro, wide angle, super wide, fisheye and telephoto lenses. They’re supplied in a black case that doubles as a handle for the phone.

Schneider iPro Lenses
Schneider iPro Lenses

For the S4 and iPhones, there’s a two-piece case which provides the thread for the lens to screw into. The iPad receives a “Lens Mini Clip”, otherwise known as a small bracket which clips over the corner of the tablet to provide the mounting point for the lenses.

The iPro system is available as a complete kit or as individual lenses or components. There’s more info at

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