Mini camcorder gets the X Factor

Announced alongside some budget camcorders, Canon has also updated its peculiar but interesting “selfie” camcorder, the Legria Mini.

Now called the Mini X, the device is an intriguingly-shaped tiny box that’s designed to be set up on a desk in front of you, with the screen facing back so you can watch yourself as you film.

Canon Legria mini X

Canon Legria mini X

The X version now features an apparently better quality, stereo microphone alongside uncompressed LPCM (“CD quality”) recording. You now have headphone and microphone sockets both to monitor what you’re doing and plug in even better mics should you so choose.

Canon Legria mini X sockets

Canon Legria mini X sockets

The lens is wide-angle (170 degree) and f2.8 (for low light ie indoor filming) going onto a quite decently large 1/2.3 inch sensor with optical stabilisation for handheld shots and options of 50i AVCHD or web-friendly 25p MP4 recording, both in 1080 HD.

WiFi provides remote control from a smartphone or tablet with the new function of worldwide control – provided your WiFi’s configure appropriately – making it into a webcam.

It’s going to cost £349 when it’s available from February 2014. More info at:

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