Software update for Canon camcorders

Canon has released a firmware upgrade for its XA25, XA20 and HF-G30 camcorders. The software (which runs inside the camcorder itself) is now at version, and includes the following bug fixes and enhancements:

1. Enhances compatibility with third-party remote controllers.

2. Resolves the bug in which the headphones’ terminal audio output timing is delayed when [Normal] is selected as the [Monitor Delay] option.

3. When recording in the MP4 format [59.94P/50P (35Mbps)], changes have been made in the metadata details so that the time codes can be properly displayed in Apple Final Cut Pro X Version 10.0.9.

4. Corrects some mistakes in the onscreen guidance for connecting to Remote Browse in languages other than Japanese.

Perhaps the most significant of these is item 2 which had been terribly frustrating for some users – it meant that what you heard on the headphones was out of sync by a fraction of a second with what you were recording. If you were trying to record yourself, this was really rather distracting. We’ve downloaded the update and applied it to our XA20 and can confirm the sound is now as you’d expect.

Get the update (if you’re in the UK) at

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