Red Giant rewrites Magic Bullet Looks

Red Giant Software has announced it’s to release a substantial free upgrade for users of its Magic Bullet Looks software.

The program adds adjustable stylised looks to your footage using a variety of tools but up until now, it’s been a bit slow to render. No more, say Red Giant.

The software’s been rewritten “from scratch” using the same sort of methods as Red Giant’s pay-monthly effects suite, Universe. Whether this heralds a step towards pay-monthly for Looks is not made clear by the company but it seems the new release, version 2.5, is a standalone one-time download with no further fees yet.

Speed increases of up to 95% on Windows (25% on Mac) are touted, along with better previews, a key-frameable slider to adjust how much of each Look is applied, a new tool to tweak contrast and some easier ways to save and share your own custom Looks.

It’s coming within the next three months and you can find out more at

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