Premiere Pro readies an update

Adobe is getting ready to release an upgrade to its video editor, Premiere Pro.

Now that their software is no longer purchasable in the good old-fashioned way (product / money / transaction / done) but only under their pay-as-you-go “Creative Cloud”, only subscribers will get to see shiny new features such as:

  • A tweak which means you can edit text created in After Effects compositions, without actually having to switch to After Effects. They suggest an example of wishing to change the caption on an interviewee without the hassle of switching into AE. Fair enough.
  • Masking and tracking is added to all effects. So that’s useful (and rather overdue? Is that harsh?)
  • Since the world’s going 4K mad (and greater) there’s support for CanonRAW and Sony SStP media, plus enhanced CinemaDNG support (including Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera, Convergent Design Odyssey7Q, and CinemaDNG source settings), and a workflow for the ARRI AMIRA camera.
  • A new “Master Clip Effects” feature means effects can be added to a Master Clip, with any adjustments made to that clip rippling down to all instances of that clip in a sequence. Sort of like nested sequences.

Plus there’s more – which we’re too lazy to list. Get the full gen at

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