New plug-ins for Vegas, Premiere, FXP

As any editor knows, if there’s one thing you can never get enough of, it’s plug-ins. You know, shiny new ways of screwing up good video by too much tinkering. Er, we mean, enhancing your work with finesse and discretion of course.

Well, good news – those keen coders at Hit Film are to release a bundle of their effects – which hitherto have only been available within their own editing and compositing environment – as plug ins for a variety of other editing platforms.

This includes Sony Vegas Pro, After Effects, Premiere Pro and Final Cut X. The price is $499 USD – we wait to see how that conversion pans out here in the UK.

HitFilm plugins within Sony Vegas
HitFilm plugins within Sony Vegas

Over 130 plug-ins are included, from visual effects to compositing, motion graphics and color grading. Now since these will work inside your existing NLE, we’re presuming that all the existing monitoring and scopes functions of your editor will also work (eg Vegas scopes should show how the HitFilm plug-ins are affecting your work – unlike currently when you have to have finished your HitFilm composition and brought it back into Vegas).

They’re promising atomic particle generators, 15 keying and matte generators (that’s enough, surely!), lights and flares, pyrotechnics, and colour tweaking.

Helpfully, two licences are included so you can run it on a PC and a laptop for example – and each licence permits use with each of the host applications (so if you have both Premiere and Vegas on a PC, you can use the plug-ins on both, while still also using them on your laptop or a Mac as well)

More info on their blog at

And here’s their short video demo:

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