New mounts for Drift action cams

Drift Innovation has unveiled two new mounts for its “Ghost” action cameras; a monopod and a stabiliser rig.

The Monopod is, essentially, a long pole which you hold out away from you with the camera looking back (or any which way really) so that you can get some cool shots as you fly down the ski slopes or whereever.

Drift Innovation Monopod

Drift Innovation Monopod

It has a 360-degree ball mount at the top where the camera sits, with a thread at the bottom to connect to other Drift gear. At full extension it’s 73cm long (minimum 24cm).

The stabiliser – the Steadicam Smoothee – is designed for the Ghost-S and HD Ghost – and is typical of the small mounts used with tiny cameras in that it has a plate on which the camera is mounted and a weight hung down below for balance, with a vertical rod used to control the camera.

Drift Innovation Steadicam Smoothee

Drift Innovation Steadicam Smoothee

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