Brand Yourself, Exhorts YouTube

Many YouTube video producers already regularly top and tail their videos with short – and some not so short – intro and outro sequences, a bit like normal TV show title sequences but snappier.

Until now those have had to be part of the complete edited video so if you change your channel intro, bad luck, the old one’s still stuck on the front of every video updated to that point.

YouTube has recognised this vexing issue and is now offering the ability to upload a (mercifully short) three second standalone intro video, which it will then play automatically as a pre-roll before your actual video changes. Neat.

This means that when the time comes that you want to update your brand, all you need to do is update that short video and it will begin playing even ahead of older entries on your channel.

As a bonus, YouTube enables you to choose which of your video masterpieces you want the branding run in front of (so older videos which already have an intro on the front which you can’t remove, could be set not to have the new branding for example)

The feature’s to be found under the “InVideo Programming” page. For more info, take a look at YouTube’s blog post at

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