Padcaster for iPad Air now shipping

The Padcaster, a metal-and-plastic frame which enables you to add video accessories to your iPad, is now shipping in a version designed for the iPad Air.

The iPad’s been enthusiastically taken up for low cost film-making by legions of film students, journalists, and academics as well as many others but it suffers the drawback of having no ergonomic way of bolting on bits like microphones and lights.

The Padcaster provides loads of screw thread holes including a 1/4-20 hole for a tripod plate to help to overcome this issue (though some accessories are designed for cold-shoe mounting so will still require a cold-shoe to screw thread adapter, alas)

A lens thread over the iPad’s camera also means you can screw on different lenses as well.

Padcaster Air
Padcaster Air

We reviewed the original Padcaster in October last year and had a look at it alongside the Rode Grip in a video last November. Oh, and we did an unboxing video as well.

The Padcaster Air is shipping now and there’s more info at

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