A better Blimp from Rode

Aussie microphone and accessories manufacturer Rode has announced a new version of its “Blimp” windshield system.

The 2014 Blimp is, they say, 25% lighter and comes with a shockmounting system called the Lyre, licensed from UK firm Rycote. The Lyre is claimed never to wear out, sag or snap – quite a claim for any piece of broadcast gear. It clamps the microphone rather than suspending it from an elastic cradle, so it’s now easier to swap mics in and out.

Rode Blimp 2014 suspension mount

Rode Blimp 2014 suspension mount

The Blimp’s handle has been redesigned for better ergonomics apparently with a two-part internal cable to the microphone to minimise any pickup of handling noise.

New Blimp will take shotgun microphones up to 325mm (12¾”) in length and can attach to standard boom poles via a 3/8″ thread on the base.

Blimps work even better when covered with a wind-jammer and Rode’s unfortunate (they prefer “affectionate”) habit of naming them after dead animals persists with the included version being monikered the “Dead Wombat”.

There’s further info about the product at http://www.rodemic.com/blimp and we hope to get our sticky paws on one very soon for a full written and video review. Stay tuned…

Rode Blimp 2014

Rode Blimp 2014

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