So long, YouTube inbox!

YouTube’s updating its messaging and comments again and this time it looks like they’ve come up with some good stuff. For a start the old Inbox is being phased out. Initially it’ll remain in place but able only to be read, no new messages. Later it will be deleted entirely.

In its place, messages¬†between users will now take place under the “Messages” section of the “Community” tab. Fans will be able to contact Creators directly from any Channel’s “About” tab, whilst channel owners will be able to view their messages in a threaded (conversation) view. There’s also automatic flagging of messages as potential spam.

Comments, meanwhile, have also been fine-tuned recently, permitting you to choose just to view comments from your subscribers, check for popular comments across your channel or review comments for a specific video. Comments needing approval now come under a single tab (pr-approval) and you can search through them for specific words.

We have found that there’s a peculiar delay between approving a comment and it appearing either on the video it’s associated with or in the “approved” comments section. This is most annoying but presumably something that Google will fix in time..,

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