Atomos Ninja Star explodes into life

The self-proclaimed “world’s smallest ProRes recorder”, Atomos’ new Ninja Star, is now being shipped to dealers after being announced with much fanfare at NAB earlier in the year.

The Star is a tiny solid-state video recorder designed to be bolted into drone aircraft – or just your everyday camcorder if you like – to capture 4:2:2, 10-bit colour in Apple’s ubiquitous format, assuming your camera is capable of outputting such a fine signal of course.

Video is taken in over HDMI but unlike the other Atomos devices there’s no onboard screen; you get a selection of LEDs to tell you what the gadget is up to.

Atomos Ninja Star LEDs

Atomos Ninja Star LEDs

Weighing in at 240 grams including battery and CFast card, the Ninja Star is 95mm wide by 60mm tall and 22mm deep. That’s pretty tiny. It uses CFast v1 or 2 cards since they go at at least 80MB/s sustained write. Atomos has also decided to market its own brand of CFast cards in 64GB ($159 USD) and 128GB ($239 USD) varieties.

The Star costs £179 GBP plus VAT (that’s 219 Euro or $295 USD) and there’s more info at Get one from Amazon UK and we get a tiny commission if you use this link:

Atomos Ninja Star features

Atomos Ninja Star features

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