New USB mic from Rode

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Most people would go away and stop being busy in the summer. Down Under of course, it’s the winter, which perhaps explains why Rode Microphones¬†keep turning out new products. They’re all inside, sheltering from that dreadful 20+ degree cold.

Today’s release is the NT-USB, a “studio grade” condenser microphone, the capsule of which is the same as in Rode’s other studio products.

Rode NT-USB sans popfilter
Rode NT-USB sans popfilter

The mic plus directly into a¬†USB port on your PC, Mac or even – with (presumably expensive since it’s from Apple) Connection Kit – an iPad. No word yet on whether any Android devices with USB will support it though.

This saves you all the bother of having a sound mixer and sound card; you just stick the mic into your computer and start recording. So it’s ideal for people on the move, from musicians to mobile journalists.

Rode NT-USB with Mac
Rode NT-USB with Mac

On the side of the mic are controls for headphone volume Рa 3.5mm jack is also on the body Рand mix knob from the computer for claimed zero-latency monitoring.

A really rather neat little pop shield is included as an accessory which can’t be fiddled about with unlike those on goosenecks so this is ideal if your recording “talent” has that infuriating habit of moving the pop shield around before they start recording.

Also included are a tabletop stand, a standard 3/8″ mount for other stands, and a pouch to store it in.

At first glance, we’re wondering whether the¬†stand is a little low as you’d surely have to¬†lean in towards it a bit. And the pop filter looks very close to the capsule though Rode insist it’s the optimum distance. Hopefully we’ll get one in for review and can decide for ourselves.

Of course, Rode have had their Podcaster USB mic out for ages (seven years!) but that was aimed at spoken word recording and is a forward-facing mic. The NT-USB is side-facing and, say Rode, not only suitable for speech but also music.

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