Aputure Competition Time!

Fancy getting your mitts on some free gear? And quite tasty stuff at that? Lighting and filming accessories manufacturer Aputure has announced its third annual video competition under the banner “Aputure At All Costs”

They’re asking entrants to make a two-to-four minute video full of terrific shots (and most emphatically not just a talking head – yawn) explaining what drives you to make art, aka videos. They want to see evidence of your work demonstrating your passion for the medium.

There are a few rules and regulations as you’d expect, described at www.aputure.com/blog/2014/08/09/introducing-aputure-costs-video-contest/

Oh, and we nearly forgot; the prizes! The winner takes away a V-Screen VS-3 monitor, an Amaran 3-point lighting kit (3x Amaran 528w LED Lights) and a V-Mic D-1 microphone. The first runner up gets 3 of the Amaran 528w LED lights and the second runner up gets a V-Screen VS-1 Monitor and a V-Mic D-1 Microphone.

Entries must be in by Friday, September 19th at 11:59pm so you don’t have long.

Here’s their promo video:

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