Mobile Video Journalism Conference

Judging by most of the Internet you’d be forgiven for thinking that smartphone video was mostly about cats or Ice Bucket Challenges. And you’d be right. But increasingly there is an army of devotees who are using their phone’s camera and processing power to create works of journalism in a form and factor that was unthinkable of even three years ago.

Pioneers of the art are the folks at RTE in Ireland, most notably Glen Mulcahy, who is so enthused that he’s organising a conference devoted to all aspects of the art for early 2015.

A two day event, the concept includes panel sessions on topics such as “Mobile Journalism: Technology in Broadcast – where to next?” and “The Multimedia Mojo – working across Radio, Print and Online case studies”

Day two will comprise workshops and masterclasses. There’s also the whiff of a conference dinner and an expo for manufacturers to pitch their wares.

If that all sounds good to you – and it does to us – take a wander over to and let Glen know of your interest, or Tweet him @MojoConIRL

RTE MoJoCon banner
RTE MoJoCon banner

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