Cyclone hits Rycote – but it’s all good

Wind muffler firm Rycote are launching a new “blimp”-type windshield at IBC in Amsterdam – and they’re naming it “Cyclone”.

That sounds like an invitation to call their bluff and try it out in a Force 10 gale to us but until we get our grubby mitts on one, here’s the spec: it’s an enclosed wind shield which the company says provides “an entirely new standard of reduction in levels of wind and handling noise”

Rycote Cyclone
Rycote Cyclone

Granted it looks like a Blimp but Rycote insist it’s all been redesigned from the ground up. Like their also recently-released Super Softie, the Cyclone forgoes fur in favour of the “3D-Tex” fabric covering to block wind (a furry overcoat is still available for Arctic conditions though).

As regular readers of Tubeshooter will know, we were somewhat disappointed with the performance of the Super Softie which uses the same fabric, though it was later revealed that we’d had one of a bad batch of Softies, a problem that Rycote insist is now dealt with.

One aspect we do like about the Cyclone is the way it attaches around the mic using magnetic latches so the sides just snap on with no faffing about screwing things into place. Do the magnets have any negative effect on the magnetic coils in the mic itself? We presume not – it would be a magnificent fail otherwise.

Rycote Cyclone - open with mic inside
Rycote Cyclone – open with mic inside

The company’s very effective Lyre suspension mount is used to hold the mic steady in the centre of the Blimp.

Rycote Cyclone showing Lye suspension mount
Rycote Cyclone showing Lye suspension mount

The company has released two videos about the product (below) – one with hilariously over the top (sorry Rycote) dramatic music, the other showing the Cyclone being used in such a feeble breeze as to be fairly pointless. We are sure there will be more interesting tests to come. In the meantime, get more info at The device will be shipping from the end of October.

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